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Safeguarding Statement

Safeguarding Policy

The Institute of Intelligent Infrastructure Technologies (i3t) is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all our employees, and all learners we work with in particular children, young people and vulnerable adults by taking all reasonable steps to protect them from neglect, physical, sexual or emotional or other harm.

All employees, always, will show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of colleagues and learners, conducting themselves in a way that reflects the ethos of The Institute of Intelligent Infrastructure Technologies (i3t) in line with our Values, notably those related to Culture, Wellbeing & Respect.

We help ensure this by ~

• Applying best practice Recruitment and Selection methods (including appropriate disclosure & criminal offences checking) when seeking to appoint to all vacancies
• As part of our safeguarding obligations, we will re-apply for the appropriate types of DBS/PVG checks on a 3-year basis during employment with The Institute of Intelligent Infrastructure Technologies (i3t)
• Issuing all employees with Job Outlines that clearly indicate their range of duties and highlighting any specific areas of note regard `safeguarding` relating to the post
• Providing appropriate training and support to all employees, ensuring relevant updates and information is shared timeously
• Carrying out relevant risk assessments for employees and learners, taking steps to minimise and manage any issues that arise
• Advise all learners what to expect of us, our roles, & responsibilities to them
• That all learners can safely voice concerns or complain if they need to via robust procedures
• Dealing with any reports of abuse or potential abuse, sensitively, quickly, effectively and appropriately
• Have regular reviews between managers and employees to ensure standards are being maintained, any concerns or difficulties encountered are addressed, and people are appropriately supported
• Regularly seek feedback from learners and any other appropriate organisations/bodies on our performance, and any other matters arising
• Maintaining an efficient recording and monitoring system
• Continually improving our policies, procedures and processes

Policies, Procedures & Processes

To assist deliver our Safeguarding Policy, other policies, procedures and processes are applied as appropriate –

• Our Vision & Values
• Induction
• Health, Safety & Wellbeing
• Recruitment & Selection
• Equality & Diversity
• Complaints & Feedback
• Data Protection & Confidentiality
• Communications Strategy
• Employee Development
• Codes of Conduct
• Malpractice & Maladministration
• Discipline
• Grievance
• Whistleblowing
• Quality & Continuous Improvement

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