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Membership Information

Membership of the Institute is open to technical, and managerial staff who work in the Data Infrastructure, AI and UAV infrastructures in the UK. There are currently two grades of membership in the Institute, Member and Corporate.

Why Join?

To help us expand the Infrastructure Industry and have it accepted as an industry.
We can help by supporting and developing your:
• career and interests
• professional standing
• knowledge and skills
• network of contacts

Together we can be a voice to be heard and listened to. When an application has been accepted, you will have joined the growing number of data engineers and companies.

Membership fees are:
• Member: £160
• Corporate: £320

We are developing the new trade app for phones this will be your future trade card which will be loaded with your qualifications, skill competencies and other relevant information.

Professional membership subscriptions of employees are eligible for UK tax relief, under Section 344 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003.
Members would be required to claim directly via their HMRC self-assessment.
Payment of subscriptions can be via:

i3t reserves the right to decline any membership application.